Religious Festa Villalba – Good Friday

The Religious Festival in Villalba most conspicuous by its inhabitants is the Holy Week, especially the Holy Friday in which every citizen is dedicating their spirituality with total devotion. The villalbesi non-residents, for years, despite the distance, follow live streaming this religious festival in Villalba. There are many computers connected to all parts of Italy, from France, Germany, England, United States and Switzerland. Every year, in addition to, there is a growing number of onlookers flocked to attend the folklore devout spirituality that touches even the most skeptical. The day begins at the earliest morning hours with Night Vigil. Formerly part of the faithful, to ask grace to Our Lady of Sorrows, They made the trip to “Language Strascinari” or bending down on his knees and making rub the tongue to the floor, or they sprinkled the body with ashes or whipped for penance. these traditions, in this religious festival in Villalba, to date, they are remote. The journey begins on the morning after 9 with a long procession passing through the streets around the country accompanied by funeral march, the most faithful devotees make the journey on their knees. All 13:00, you hear a shot firecracker indicates that the condemnation of Jesus and at the same time the villalbesi gather for lunch with pasta with sardines and breadcrumbs toasted. Then they all gather in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele where there is a statue of Jesus on a litter that is carried on the shoulders, along with the cross (still empty) parading through the streets of the country. Meanwhile, to the main street, 16 faithful all dressed in white with a black band on his arm (where Our Lady of Sorrows is depicted) carry the shoulder down to the Madonna “the descent of the road valati them” bounded by pious souls dressed in black and white that form the cord. In front of the villa is the touching meeting between the Virgin Mary and Jesus, where Jesus and the Virgin looks down symbolically bends to the pain of his son's conviction. The faithful in these moments are carried away in emotion and make this religious festival in only Villalba. It follows the procession to Calvary (which according to many perfectly reproduces as reported by the Bible), and to 15:00, Another firecracker sound to indicate the death of Christ. All 21:00 begins the last procession in which the Virgin is carried in its vara containing four angels and Jesus carried in an urn. The urn is gold inside with a red velvet pillow that is lit by dazzling lights it sent. The parade includes wobbling and special clothing: the varisti dell'Addolorata have armbands and black tie, the urn bearers have the cassocks with red and white laces. During the procession, in the town streets, They will be lit candles and red smoke. final and very touching moment is when everyone stops and sing the Funeral March “lodi a cristo” arranged on the notes from the band. During this religious festival in Villalba the bells from the Church will not play in mourning.

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