Living Nativity in Sutera

The Living Nativity in Sutera is a real peculiarity of the country recognized as De.Co. (Name City). The uniqueness lies in the crib suterese combination of mysticism, culture and history that make it unique.
It is termed "the crib in a manger" as it is organized in the beautiful neighborhood Rabato, considered among the most beautiful villages in Italy.
Arab style of the place, the narrow streets, small balconies, the windows narrow and long, the continuity of the walls, accompanied by an atmosphere of warm lights and ancient sounds, It makes the event charming and picturesque.
On the night of 24 December, and more precisely to the 22.00, two actors representing Mary and Joseph will travel well 40 stations dotted around the village streets knocking on the door looking for shelter to spend the night; the search will end with the arrival in the Mother Church where Mass will be celebrated. From this moment begins a live nativity scene that will be present in the country 25, 26, 27, 28 December and 3 to the 6 January. Joseph and Mary took refuge in a cave in which are repeated moments typical of rural culture of the early twentieth century, with the creation of environments and work that time and history have deleted.
Suggestive will hear the voices and observe the actions of viddane, dei pananara, of conzapiatta, the weavers, dei drip (Pecorari); the taste of ancient local products as they ciciri (This i), lu pani cunzatu (the seasoned bread), la mistreda di maccu (fave), the guastedda caress the palate of those present.
Visitors can see the great feeling of the living present Sutera as capable of traveling to the memory in a past that will not certainly forget; music, lights and flavor make it enchanting.
The Living Nativity in Sutera received numerous titles and awards, among them to become part of the Register of Intangible Heritage of the Sicilian Region counting each year a number of over 20.000 visitors. Indeed, the event is defined in national.

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