Typical product of Delia – Cuddrireddra

The Cuddrireddra It is a typical product of Delia, and pià exactly a typical dessert of the country. Almost unpronounceable name for those who are not Sicilian, offset by the exquisite flavor of the cake. It would be absolutely reductive indicate Cuddrireddra like a donut fried, In fact, this product provides a recipe typical of Delia, techniques and tools of work that have been passed down from generation to generation making it a typical sweet and exclusive of Delia.
The shape of the dolce, typical and characteristic, It provides great production difficulties. This typical product of Delia, indeed, It has shaped wreath honoring the castle who lived in the medieval fortress during the war of the Sicilian Vespers. It was formerly produced by housewives during Carnival every Holy Thursday, creating a tasty dish and impressive.
The ingredients used are: wheat flour, eggs, wine, sugar, cinnamon and orange zest. The most complicated part is the moment of creation of the form in which it is used a tool, from the name “comb”, formed by two strips of wood joined by strands of bamboo cane honed. This tool, to the difficulty of reproduction, It means that even today are used combs 150 Years ago. The final stage of this typical product of Delia is to fry the dough into a good olive oil produced locally. Result: perfume and fragrance inimitable.

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