Typical product of Milena – Mbriulata Milena

In the past housewives prepare the meal as one to give to family members who spent the whole day in the fields to work the land. Today the typical "mbriulata", washed down with a good local wine, It is a real habit for the most refined palates. Despite the relentless passage of time, this typical local dish is still prepared with the ingredients that were once used by women. The "mbriulata" is nothing but puff pastry rolled up, topped with olives, potatoes, cheese and minced pork, developed to replace the original "frittuli" – the pork cracklings. Every year in the month of August is celebrated a festival in honor of this traditional dish milenese and more and more tourists are not lacking in this happy event culinary.

Ingredients "Mbriulata"
For the dough:
200 g of semolina flour,
150 g flour "00",
3 tablespoons olive oil,
50 g of lard,
20 g of yeast,
An album.

For the filling:
3 small potatoes,
300 g of minced pork or "frittuli" (ciccio- them pork),
1 small onion,
6 pitted black olives,
4 tablespoons grated cheese,
olive oil,
sale e pepe.

Preparation: With the two kinds of flour, the olive oil,the yeast dissolved in a little 'warm milk with a pinch of salt, prepare a paste rather hard and worked well, if necessary during processing to add a little 'warm water, put the dough to rise for half an hour. Meanwhile, peel potatoes,cut them into logs and brown them in a pan, with a little 'oil and salt. Mix the meat with a little 'salt and pepper. From the dough derive a sheet thickness of a few millimeters, sprinkle a bit 'of lard on the dough and distributed over the potatoes, meat, olives into small pieces and finely chopped onion. Sprinkle with cheese and drizzle with a sheet of olive oil, roll the dough over the filling and turn, so as to obtain a spiral, then brush the surface with beaten egg white. Cook the "mbriulata" in a hot oven for about forty minutes. Let it rest for ten minutes, before serving.

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