Typical product of Montedoro – Cuddureddi

Each 3 February for the Feast of St. Blaise in any bar counter or tables housewives of the country can not miss the "Cuccureddi San Vilasi". These are small wheels of pasta unsalted having a shape of big O is not closed and with the ends splayed. St. Blaise is the patron of the sick throat and antiquities, to express gratitude for their healing, the faithful brought these sweets in Church; the latter were blessed and then distributed to the villagers. The ingredients to make cuddureddi are: water, whole wheat flour, zest of one lemon, olive oil, sugar, sugar and cinnamon to sprinkle, oil for frying. The preparations takes place with the following procedure: bring almost to a boil in a small pan water, lemon rind, sugar and oil; when you see the first bubbles add flour and continue stirring for two minutes; pour the mixture into a bowl and, after cooling, get some 'and roll it for long; lightly crush the middle and cut the strips 7 cm; forming rings and seal end. Fry for 5 minutes and serve with sugar mixed with cinnamon.

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