Agira – Medieval Castle

On the top of Mount Teja stands the Saracen castle of Agira in the province of Enna, one of the symbols of the city, of which impressive fragments remain today.
The building enjoys a strategic position, approximately 820 meters above sea level, which once served as a control and defence post.


Local tradition speaks of a fortress that would have been built in the early tenth century. The first mention is from 1274, in the Angevin statute of Sicilian castles.
It is thought to have been built by the Sicani, later it passed into the hands of the Siculi, who built a wall to make it safer. With the rise of the Arabs in Sicily, the castle played a fundamental role, as they settled there and fortified the walls.
The castle had a certain importance in the political role of Sicily, in fact, the fortress welcomed the King of Sicily Ludovico D’Aragona as a guest.
In 1354 the fortress lost its military role thus beginning a period of decline. In 1693 due to a violent earthquake, it was destroyed, unfortunately leaving those few fragments, which can still be visited today.


The fortress is divided into two parts characterized by towers that have partially survived the time with walls that are quite thick.
The top of the medieval castle is dominated by the remains of a recently renovated church, which according to local tradition occupies the place of the one built by S. Filippo, in honour of St. Peter.
Also in the central part of the castle in Agira, there is an underground room with a quadrangular plan, covered by an ogive vault, which opened inside the castle and which must have reached the valley.


The castle absolutely deserves to be seen, its position allows us to see a breathtaking panorama where from the top it is possible to admire the coast of Catania.
It is located very close to the historic centre of Agira and is very well connected with the other cities of the region thanks to the numerous provincial roads and the state road 12.