Aidone – Archaeological Excavations of Morgantina

Morgantina, Aidone, EN, Italia
Area archeologica ad Aidone - Scavi archeologici di Morgantina

Morgantina was identified in 1955 by an expedition of archaeologists from Princeton University, which managed to uncover what remained after the destruction ordered by Octavian in 36 B.C.

Along the perimeter of this beautiful Archaeological Area in Aidone, the ancient city walls are visible.

On the Acropolis, in addition to some huts built by the ancient Morgeti people, there are the oldest remains of the city, including the sacred area.

The most interesting area of Morgantina is certainly the Agora, arranged on two levels (the lower one reserved for sacred rites, the upper one for commercial and public purposes) connected by a large staircase.

The artifacts recovered today are largely housed in the museum of Aidone, arranged by themes and chronology, illustrating to visitors the various events of the town.