Riesi – Terracotta

Riesi, CL, Italia
Artigianato a Riesi

Numerous testimonies of typical craftsmanship in Riesi, in the province of Caltanissetta, are provided by historical events such as the invasions of the Siculi, Sicani, Carthaginians, Greeks, and Romans, which characterize the customs, traditions, and art of the region. One of these typical ancient arts is the processing of terracotta; indeed, the local artisans still produce objects such as jars, pitchers, bowls, and plates using the same traditional techniques and styles as in the past. Terracotta is a type of ceramic that, after the firing process, exhibits a color variation from yellow to brick red. It is fired at a temperature ranging from 980 to 990 °C. Thanks to the presence of iron oxide, which contributes to the reddish color, it improves the resistance of the ceramic by reducing the porosity of the object.