Gela – Castelluccio

Caltanissetta, CL, Italia
Castello di Gela - Castelluccio

The Castelluccio, as commonly referred to by the locals, is a castle in Gela that rises on a chalky hill, offering a unique panorama. In ancient times, the fortress, also known as the Swabian Castle, was used to control and defend the territory from enemy attacks.

The first historical records date back to 1143 when Count Simone di Butera, through a written deed, donated the fortress to the abbot of the Monastery of San Nicolò in Catania.

The material used for the construction of this Castle of Gela is yellow limestone and blocks of white limestone; no decorations were used, which allows for a better appreciation of its functionality.

The structure is built on a rectangular plan characterized by the presence of two towers; the presence of windows arranged both high and low suggests that it was organized into multiple floors in ancient times.

Reaching the fortress, now abandoned, is simple: just take the road that connects Gela to Catania and after 10 kilometers, in the Spadaro district, you’ll find the Castelluccio.