Mazzarino – Castle

Castello di Mazzarino, Mazzarino, CL, Italia
Castello di Mazzarino

The Mazzarino Castle dominates the inhabited center and adds enchantment to the town. The fortress features a quadrangular layout delimited by wonderful cylindrical corner towers.

The reason why it was built can be traced back to the creation of a defensive system aimed at controlling the valleys of the Braemi and Disueri streams. The fortress, due to the presence of the four cylindrical towers, is commonly called “U Cannuni.” Inside these towers there were the living and service areas delimited by beautiful internal courtyards.

The towers located to the west are larger than the others and consist of a structure articulated on three floors. The passage of time has contributed to the degradation of the structure, which has been renovated several times. The internal spaces have often been reconstructed, helping to bring the Mazzarino Castle to its former glory.