Catania – Giardino Pacini

Via Cardinale Dusmet, 95121 Catania CT
Triquetra (Wikipedia)

Near the Uzeda gate, the ancient city gate and area of the mouth of the Amenano river, and under the arches of the Marina where the railway passes, there is Giardino Pacini. It was a destination for elderly people to relax and “yawn” (in the dialect of Catania “varagghiu”), so the garden is nicknamed “Villa ‘e varagghi”. Unfortunately, the frenetic pace of life has made this small garden less and less frequented, despite the area equipped for children.

Originally the house was also used as a wash house, the remains of which are visible today in front of the fish market.

With the construction of the railway to Syracuse in 1866, the space in the garden was reduced and the promenade removed. A further reduction occurred after the war, when the fruit and vegetable market and Piazza Borsellino (originally Piazza Alcalà) were built. The last modification took place in the 70s when the railway track was doubled and therefore the area occupied by the arches increased.