Belpasso – Sanctuary of Madonna della Roccia

Via Santuario della Roccia Belpasso, CT, Italia
Chiesa a Belpasso - Santuario Madonna della Roccia

The “Sanctuary of the Rock” is a beautiful and evocative church in Belpasso because it is a place of prayer, enveloped in silence.

The sanctuary welcomes thousands of pilgrims every year, who come with faith before the Madonna, who seems to have wanted to show herself here with absolute simplicity.

The story revolves around the young Rosario Toscano, who had the privilege of hearing the voice of the Madonna, and it began on May 11, 1986 when he went to the “rock” for the first time; as the Virgin previously asked him during his illness.

From that day, numerous apparitions followed, culminating in the last one on May 1, 1988.

Even today, on the first day of every month, such prodigious events are remembered.