Comune di Cattolica Eraclea

Cattolica Eraclea, AG, Italia

Cattolica Eraclea is a town of 3. 265 inhabitants in the province of Agrigento. Cattolica Eraclea rises on a sloping plateau at the foot of Monte Sorcio, 521. 2 m a. s. l. , 13 km from Capo Bianco (Eraclea Minoa) and the sea. The territory of Cattolica Eraclea contains an archaeological and natural heritage among the most extraordinary in the province of Agrigento. It is an unspoilt territory, offering naturalistic itineraries and suggestive paths rich in history. The site of Eraclea Minoa, in fact, offers an exceptional panorama: on one side the blue arc of the gulf and on the other the white rocks of Capo Bianco overlooking the sea, in this area rises the Natural Reserve Foce del Fiume Platani
To the north it overlooks the valley of the river Platani while all around it is surrounded by hills and elevations ranging from 400 m. of Monte San Giorgio to 674 m. of Monte Giafaglione. The foundation took place around 1612 following a “licentia populandi” obtained by Blasco Isfar et Corillas from the King of Spain and the name attributed to the settlement was that of Cattolica in honor of His Catholic Majesty, King Philip III; the addition of Herraclea comes stability in honour of the Greek colony with the Royal Decree of 1874. The Spanish influence is still present in popular traditions, especially during Holy Week, where it is possible to admire the traditional dress of the confraternities, called “Cappes”.