Catania – Museo dello Sbarco in Sicilia 1943

Viale Africa, 95100, Catania, CT, Italia
Museo a Catania Sbarco in Sicilia

Of significant emotional impact is the museum in Catania dedicated to the memory of the Sicily Landing in 1943, located at the “Le Ciminiere” Cultural Center. On July 10, 1943, British, American, and Canadian forces landed on the eastern shores of Sicily, initiating the so-called “Operation Husky.” This event represents the most imposing offensive operation due to the massive quantity of resources used, second only to the Normandy which took place eleven months later. Inaugurated in 2002, it is undoubtedly one of the most important museums in Sicilian history as it represents not only a historical symbol but also the identification of a community. The museum, in fact, recounts the events of that period through reconstructed environments, simulations, and donations from citizens who experienced that terrible event. The journey begins inside the reconstruction of a square that immerses the visitor in the atmosphere of those years, with the opportunity to peek inside the houses and admire the objects and daily life of the time. Continuing the path, the setting becomes colder, and the viewer will “experience” wartime moments, with simulations of bombings, ruined houses, and artifacts belonging to the soldiers. The journey ends with the view of a panel scrolling through the names of all those who fell in battle. Opening hours: Tuesday 09:00–15:00 Wednesday 09:00–15:00 Thursday 09:00–15:00 Friday 09:00–15:00 Saturday 09:00–15:00 Sunday 09:00–15:00 Monday Closed Prices: Full price 4€ Reduced price 2€