Piazza Armerina – Cathedral of Maria Santissima delle Vittorie

Piazza Maria Santissima delle Vittorie, Piazza Armerina
Chiesa a Piazza Armerina - Basilica Cattedrale Maria SS delle Vittorie

The Cathedral of Maria Santissima delle Vittorie is a beautiful church in Piazza Armerina located in the homonymous square, built between 1604 and 1719.
In 1598, the aristocrat Marco Trigona offered all his assets to the Mother Church, with the agreement to build a new, more sumptuous-looking Madrice. The work was directed by the architect Orazio Torriani.
The artistic and cultural heritage contained within includes the baptistery; the Crucifix on wood, painted on both sides (resurrected Christ on the back) and dating back to 1485 by the conventionally known “Master of the cross of Piazza Armerina”; the main altar including the works of Giuseppe Capra, such as the Byzantine icon of Maria Santissima delle Vittorie.