Trapani – Salt Pans

Riserva Naturale Orientata Saline di Trapani e Paceco, Paceco, TP, Italia
Area verde a Trapani - Saline

The Saline Nature Reserve (Trapani Salt Pans) is a green area in Trapani established as a nature reserve in 1995, its territory extends for 1000 hectares between Trapani and Paceco. The reserve is managed by WWF Italy.

The ancient activity of salt extraction is practised inside, but the presence of windmills used to pump water between the basins is also very interesting and characteristic.
Although the environment is very brackish, the reserve hosts a rich biological diversity, with numerous herbaceous or shrub species that have adapted to the extreme conditions of this area, but also numerous birds that find in this environment a resting place and food for their migrations.
As for the flora, we find several species of Chenopodiaceae of the genera Salicornia, Arthrocnemum, Halopeplis, Halocnemum, Suaeda, Salsola, Atriplex, Beta and the maritime fiorrancio (Calendula maritima), a rare species that grows only in these areas.

The reserve is located south of Trapani, between the municipal territories of Trapani, Paceco and Misiliscemi.

Guided tours of the salt reserve and museum are also organized on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, more information:

From July to September, you can also watch the salt harvesting activity!