Biancavilla – Villa delle Favare

Via Vittorio Emanuele, 124, Biancavilla, CT, Italia
Villa a Biancavilla - Villa delle Favare

Villa delle Favare is a beautiful noble residence from the 18th century located in the historic center of Biancavilla, in the “Casina” neighborhood. Originally situated in the open countryside at the highest point of a large plot of land, it belonged to Marquess Ugo delle Favare and was built on behalf of Don Pietro delle Favare.

The villa in Biancavilla is divided into a quadrangular scheme and consists of a main building used as a manor house, surrounded by rooms used as stables, warehouses, and accommodations for the farmers, forming two wings that laterally enclose the large central courtyard.

The main entrance is located in the north wing and features a majestic portal with the coat of arms of the “Delle Favare” family carved in limestone.

For many years, this charming noble dwelling was abandoned until it was purchased and restored by the municipality in 2008, reopening to the public.

Nowadays, the villa houses the municipal library and the Gal Etna, rooms for exhibitions, displays, and interconnected reception halls featuring fireplaces richly decorated with bas-reliefs.

It now stands as one of the main attractions of Biancavilla, drawing many tourists who appreciate culture and art.