Agrigento – Cathedral of San Gerlando

Piazza Don Giovanni Minzoni, Agrigento, AG
Chiesa ad Agrigento - Duomo

The Cathedral of San Gerlando is the main church in Agrigento which has gained great importance since 1959 when Pope Pius XII elevated it to the status of a Minor Basilica.

The Cathedral was built in 1904 on behalf of the bishop of Girgenti, Gerlando di Besançon. It is composed of a high bell tower with blind windows, the Montapertoerosi coat of arms and plateresque decorative elements.

This church in Agrigento has various styles inside. In fact, it is possible to admire medieval lateral columns, renovated in Baroque style, or numerous works from different historical periods such as: the canvas of the Martyrdom of St. Erasmus, the canvas of the Madonna of the Rosary and Purgatory Souls, the urn of St. Felix Martyr, the canvas of the Immaculate Conception and many others.

Finally, from the church it is possible to access the Diocesan Museum and the Cathedral Treasury.