Aragona – Macalube Reserve

Riserva naturale integrale Macalube di Aragona, Aragona, AG, Italia
Area verde ad Agrigento - Riserva Naturale Integrale Macalube di Aragona

The Macalube Integral Nature Reserve in Aragona is a green area in Agrigento that extends over a vast clayey territory where eruptive phenomena occur. It is precisely from these phenomena that the name Macalube comes, from the Arabic word “ribaltamento” meaning “overturning.” The area of the small volcanoes, almost a meter high, is very interesting due to its variation in color ranging from whitish to dark gray. The vegetation, especially in spring, includes a wide number of orchid species alongside other common flower species. Additionally, the Reserve is a hunting ground for some species of birds of prey and a migration zone for various types of birds. The reserve is currently closed to the public but can be visited by researchers.