Catania – San Giovanni Li Cuti

Viale Ruggero di Lauria, Catania, CT, Italia
Borgo di Catania San Giovanni Li Cuti

San Giovanni Li Cuti is a small village in Catania located by the sea with a beach made up of black volcanic sand and to reach the sea you have to overcome the lava stone rocks.

The name San Giovanni refers to the small parish that depends on the nearby church of “Santa Maria della Guardia,” while the appellation “Li Cuti” derives from the Catania dialect to indicate the cliffs.

This beautiful and characteristic Catania village is full of restaurants and beach clubs, where you can eat typical Sicilian dishes, spend some relaxing time and fun during the summer season.

Finally, it is very interesting to walk along the picturesque harbor where you can admire the ancient wooden boats of the fishermen, and its inhabitants are called “Licutiani”.