Caltanissetta – Pietrarossa

Caltanissetta, CL, Italia
Castello di Caltanissetta - Pietrarossa

A castle in Caltanissetta is the Pietrarossa Castle, a particular structure dating back to the Middle Ages and representing one of the oldest buildings in the city. The name of the fortress probably derives from the red color of the bricks used to build the towers.

The location of the castle is striking as it was built near the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli and the monumental cemetery, located in the ancient Arab quarter; the atmosphere is truly unique and enchanting.

The year of construction has not yet been definitively determined. In the ongoing debate, some argue that it dates back to the pre-Norman period, while others identify Byzantines, Saracens, Romans, Goths, and Greeks as the populations involved in the construction of the fortress.

The first certain news comes from the period following the dominion of Roger I of Altavilla in which written documents testify to its presence.