Biancavilla – Church of Maria SS del Rosario

Piazza Roma, Biancavilla, CT, Italia
Chiesa a Biancavilla - Chiesa Maria SS del Rosario

Piazza Roma hosts an important church in Biancavilla, the Church of Santa Maria del Rosario, built in the seventeenth century by Carlo Sada and, due to its magnificence, it gives the town greater artistic importance. The facade is in Baroque style and is characterized by huge columns that enclose the entrance portal; in the second tier rises the bell tower surrounded by two graceful angels kneeling before the statue of the Madonna del Rosario. The interior is arranged on a single nave without transept, in eighteenth-century Baroque style, with Corinthian columns adorned with acanthus leaves (made of stucco). The first altar we encounter, starting from the right, houses the famous wooden statue of Christ at the Column, created by the priest Placido Portale in the eighteenth century.