Mussomeli – San Domenico Cloister

Piazza Manfredi Chiaramonte Mussomeli, CL, Italia
Chiesa a Mussomeli - Chiostro San Domenico

The most important church in Mussomeli is located a few meters from Piazza Manfredi Chiaramonte, dedicated to San Domenico, which houses the Madonna dei Miracoli, the patron saint of the town. The current San Domenico cloister is used for cultural and exhibition initiatives, located in the Randazzo Hall “Palacultura San Domenico.”

The origin of this church in Mussomeli is told in a legend transcribed in an old manuscript held in the San Domenico convent. It is said that on September 8, 1530, a paralyzed man, accompanied by his donkey, stopped to rest under the branches of a beautiful tree and fell asleep beside his crutches. When he woke up, incredibly, he could move without their help. He got up and began to run, shouting for joy. It was a miracle, and all the people came to celebrate it. Suddenly, the image of the Madonna with the Child was found among the brambles. From that day on, the Church of Madonna dei Miracoli was built.