Mussomeli – Sanctuary of Madonna dei Miracoli

Via S. Domenico, Mussomeli, CL, Italia
Chiesa a Mussomeli - Santuario Madonna dei Miracoli

The Sanctuary of Madonna dei Miracoli, once a church in Mussomeli dedicated to San Domenico, is linked to a legend, as recounted in an ancient manuscript from the San Domenico convent. According to the legend, on September 8, 1530, a poor paralytic who was traveling on a mule stopped to rest in the shade of a tree. Upon waking up, the man realized he could walk and shouted out in amazement.

The people rushed to find among the bushes the image of the Madonna with Child and from that moment the church took the name “Madonna dei Miracoli.”

The Baroque-style construction dates back to the mid-18th century and is the work of the Dominican fathers. Inside, it houses a Madonna with Child painted on stone, restored in the 1700s by the painter Domenico Provenzani from Palma di Montechiaro, which still welcomes the faithful in the sanctuary’s crypt.

Also by Provenzani, there is a large fresco on the vault, dated 1792, two altarpieces, and in the sacristy, a portrait of the Dominican father Biondolillo.

In the sanctuary, some wooden statues are preserved, 19th-century works by the master Francesco Biangardi, including a Madonna dei Miracoli on the main altar and a Madonna of the Rosary in the sacristy.