Regalbuto – Church of San Francesco d’Assisi Capuchins

Strada Provinciale 23a, 251, Regalbuto, EN, Italia
Chiesa a Regalbuto - Chiesa San Francesco d'Assisi Cappuccini

A very beautiful church in Regalbuto is the one dedicated to San Francesco d’Assisi of the Capuchin Fathers, built in the nineteenth century. The eclectic style of the building highlights the confluence of cultures that characterized Sicilian architecture during this period, where Arab, Byzantine, and Western cultures merged. The building features simple forms and is divided into three aisles separated by two rows of columns with different capitals and bases, joined by arches. The raftered roof is covered by a wooden ceiling, while the facade presents geometric shapes that reflect the noblest Sicilian architectural style and is made even more fascinating by the fabulous entrance portal entirely made of stone with friezes and carvings in a folk style. Inside, the church is illuminated by beautiful windows placed on the sides of the nave and in the facade. Subsequently, the Capuchin friars built another opening in gray stone in Baroque style.