Comune di Cianciana

Cianciana, AG, Italia

Cianciana is a town in the Province of Agrigento, Italy. The village is surrounded by the Sicani Mountains and is located in the valley of the river Platani. The present town officially arose, with the name of S. Antonino di Cianciana, in 1646, when Mrs. D’Onofrio bought for her son G. A. Joppolo the “licentia populandi” for the foundation of the urban aggregate in the land of S. Antonio. The recent history of Cianciana is linked to the sulfur mines which for decades have been a source of wealth and, at the same time, suffering. The mining activity ceased in 1962, but the memory of that past of hard and exhausting work is still present in the culture of Cianciano in the pages of its poets and writers. Among the pretty and neat streets you can see priceless treasures, architectural monuments of remarkable beauty. In addition to the restful views offered by the mountain landscape surrounding the village, Cianciana offers the tourist countless opportunities for leisure, cultural visits to artistic sites, relaxation, mountain walks, sports activities, etc. Cianciana is also a witness of a distant past that still retains its splendour, and is rich in traditions such as: the feast of St. Joseph, celebrated on March 19th with the setting up of tables adorned with typical local products; the living representation of the Passion and death of Christ, on the occasion of the Easter Feasts; the harvest festival, organized by the Pro Loco APS on July 31 every year, with the preparation of products of the land (beans, chickpeas and wheat) that are served together with sweets and vegetables. the feast of “Maria SS. Free Inferno”, which is celebrated on August 15th.