Comune di San Giovanni Gemini

San Giovanni Gemini è un comune in provincia di Agrigento di oltre 7.500 abitanti.

San Giovanni Gemini is a town in the province of Agrigento. The origin of the territory of San Giovanni Gemini dates back to 1451, the year in which Federico Abatellis, Count of Cammarata, obtained from King Ferdinand the privilege of building (jus aedificandi) in his fiefs. A possible explanation about the origins of San Giovanni Gemini is reported by Father La Pilusa and concerns the landslide that occurred around 1537, the year in which, due to an earthquake, collapsed the hill where the castle of Cammarata stood. The castle was repaired but the houses on the edge of the cliff collapsed, so it is possible that the families, who suffered the worst losses, obtained permission from the Count to build on the plan of San Giovanni which extended from the present church of San Giuvannuzzu to Viale Dionisio Alessi.
Historical and famous in the surrounding towns is the Feast of Jesus of Nazareth, which is held on the second/third Sunday of June and which unites hundreds of faithful around the symbol of the feast itself, the black Christ found in the Matrix and the Triumphal Chariot, which descends, drawn (symbolically) by oxen, along C. so Francesco Crispi on Saturday evening, and then ascends again on Sunday.
Another historical festival is that of the Beddra Matri (Madonna del Carmelo) which takes place around 16 July, which in addition to the various Eucharistic celebrations, processions and folkloristic horseback riding, for years now ends with the traditional tasting of the very long cubaita (almond nougat) in the Nazareno area, followed by pyrotechnic games in Piazza Falcone. Among the monuments and places of interest we mention: Chiesa Madre di San Giovanni Battista; Church of Our Lady of Carmel; Former church of San Giuvannuzzu; Convent Friars Minor Capuchin; Church of Saint Lucia; Church of Our Lady of Fatima; Well of Jesus Nazarene and Alcide De Gasperi Square (Black Madonnina).