Cassibile – Cavagrande Oriented Nature Reserve

Cassibile, SR, Italia
Escursione a Siracusa - Riserva Naturale Cavagrande

For all nature lovers, the Cavagrande Oriented Nature Reserve of Cassibile (SR), established in 1990, is a must-see destination.

The reserve covers an area of over 2700 hectares developed around the magnificent canyon formed by the Cassibile River. Cavagrande is located a few kilometers from the town of Avola, south of Syracuse, and is mainly accessible from the road that climbs towards ancient Avola, destroyed by the earthquake of 1693.

For those who do not want to undertake long hikes, it is possible to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views that extend over the entire territory of Syracuse. It is also possible to peer from the walls of the quarry to admire the beautiful lakes, where you can take a refreshing swim during the hotter seasons, and the sinuous lines of the river.

The nature reserve boasts rich seasonal vegetation and a wide variety of fauna. Here, you can also find archaeological areas such as the evocative “Grotta dei Briganti” or the prehistoric necropolis of Cassibile with the typical Sicilian rock-cut tombs. The trails that can be undertaken are quite challenging, so for the occasional visitor, the best option would be the panoramic trail of the “Scala Cruci” which goes down from the viewpoint to the lakes.