Messina – Cathedral of the Madonna Assunta

Piazza del Duomo, Messina, ME, Italia

The cathedral of the Madonna Assunta is the mainchurch in Messina and is located in the historic centre, in June 1947 Pope Pius XII elevated the church to the dignity of a minor basilica.

The structure has a magnificent salient façade, i.e. asuccession of slopes placed at different heights, surmounted by a battlementand has a basilica plan consisting of three naves which open with three Gothic-gates and end with a transept and three apses. The three naves are divided by two rows of thirteencolumns each which support large pointed arches and the capitals, in concrete,are of different style and shape. The bell tower also known as the clock tower datesback to after the 1908 earthquake and is about 60 meters high, the roof has acusp and on all sides, there are pairs of mullioned windows with round arches that contain all the animations of the clock, true mechanical jewel.