Maletto – Salvo Nibali Civic Museum

Via Umberto, Maletto, CT, Italia
Museo a Maletto - Museo Civico Salvo Nibali

A museum to visit in Maletto is the Civic Museum “Salvo Nibali,” located at the former “slaughterhouse” of Maletto, built in 1952. Here, you delve into the archaeological, cultural, and demo-ethno-anthropological heritage of the area. In particular, the Archaeological Section of the museum exhibits the finds discovered during the excavations carried out since 1988 by the Catania Superintendent and the archaeological surveys of Durham University. The discoveries of pottery fragments attributed to the Middle Neolithic confirm that the oldest evidence of human presence in the area dates back to the end of the 6th millennium BC. With the end of the Bronze Age, the evidence of human presence in the area seems to disappear, starting again in the Greek era.