Acquaviva Platani – Museum of Emigration

Via Padre Pio da Petralcina, Acquaviva Platani Cl
Museo ad Aquaviva Platani - Emigrazione

The museum in Acquaviva Platani is the Museum of Emigration divided into three rooms. The first room, called “The Mines,” gathers a series of photographic panels depicting sulfur miners, rock salt and sulfur stones, drillers, etc. The most evocative panel is that of the “carusi,” portraying the suffering of a series of children working in the mines holding a meager oil lamp. Additionally, in this room, historical data on the phenomenon of emigration can be found, detailing the various migratory flows over the years.

The second room, called “The Departure,” houses a series of objects related to the journey such as trunks, suitcases and period clothing. A series of photographic panels evoke those moments, highlighting the hope of a journey that provided no certainties. The expressions of these men are of melancholy, for the loved ones left behind in their hometown, and of trust, with the hope that one day they would return to their homeland.

The third room, called “Work Abroad,” features a series of photographs, letters, documents, passports, and objects related to the work carried out abroad, particularly in America, Belgium, France, and Great Britain.

This museum in Acquaviva Platani is well-organized and a destination for many tourists.