Mazzarino – Torrone

Via S. Giuseppe, Mazzarino, CL, Italia
Prodotto tipico di Mazzarino torrone

Torrone is a typical product of Mazzarino prepared in the month of September in honor of the Feast of the Patron Madonna del Mazzaro. The atmosphere is truly overwhelming, with the streets and courtyards illuminated and filled with stretches of almonds dried in the sun.

These almonds will be used for the preparation of the delicious Mazzarino torrone, loved by both adults and children alike, and has become a symbol of the Marian feast. During the festival, there is an opportunity to showcase a typical local product from the Mazzarino countryside, reworked into an exquisite sweet, composed of crunchy almonds and sugar. The fusion of these two ingredients delights even the most refined palates.

This typical product of Mazzarino has also entered the Guinness World Records. The certificate of honor for this event states: “The longest torrone measures 695 meters and was achieved during an event organized for the patronal feast in honor of the Madonna del Mazzaro, in the city of Mazzarino, by Don Carmelo Bilardo (Italy) with the help of about 200 Sicilian pastry chefs, associated with the AMPI, under the direction of Master Pastry Chef Nicola Fiasconaro. The torrone was prepared and exhibited in Mazzarino, Sicily, Italy, on September 23, 2011“.