Villalba – Cozzo Pirtusiddu

Strada Provinciale 16, Villalba, CL, Italia
Serre di Villalba

The Serre of Villalba, just 258 meters from the town center, are characterized by numerous olive groves, ancient vineyards, caper bushes, and prickly pears that cover them, giving them various shades of green. This color will change amazingly depending on the season: pale amber yellow of the vast expanses of wheat from November to February, red of poppies from March to May, and straw yellow of dry wheat from June to October. It is also possible to meet numerous animal species such as birds, rabbits, hares, foxes, snails, crickets, cicadas, butterflies, ladybugs, and bees.

The Serre of Villalba are located at 900 meters above sea level on the highest mountain in the province of Caltanissetta, more precisely in Cozzo Pirtusiddu (from the Sicilian “mountain with a hole” because the presence of the forest seems like “a hole” in the middle of the rock). By positioning oneself on the highest peak of this mountain, one can enjoy a breathtaking view, admiring in the distance all the nearby towns and some of their castles, such as the Manfredonian Chiaramontan Castle or the Castle of Mussomeli. If the sky is clear and not very cloudy, you can also admire the silhouette of the beautiful Mount Etna.

The Serre of Villalba are a place for numerous hikes or relaxing walks characterized by the serenity and tranquility they can offer.