Gela – Greek Baths

Gela, CL, Italia
Area Archeologica - Bagni Greci

An archaeological area of great tourist interest in Gela is the Greek Baths, discovered in 1957 as a result of archaeological excavations conducted in the area of Via Europa. These represent genuine thermal establishments dating back to the Hellenistic era. In 282 BC, following the destruction of the city, they too were razed to the ground.

The structure was organized into two rooms separated by a wall made of clay bricks.

The first room contains two groups of pools, consisting of 14 and 22 pools respectively. The smaller group was arranged in a horseshoe shape, while the larger one was in a circle around a conglomerate floor. The material used to make these marvelous pools was sometimes a mixture of terracotta and sandstone, other times terracotta and portable materials.

The second room contained a heating system that included a particular chamber used as a real sauna.