Campofranco – Artistic Ceramics

Campofranco, CL, Italia
Artigianato a Campofranco - Ceramiche artistiche

Craftsmanship in Campofranco has remained vibrant over time and among the activities carried out by artisans there is the crafting of ceramics which hold genuine artistic value.

Ceramics, whose name comes from the ancient Greek word “kèramos”, meaning clay, allow the creation of products with fascinating aesthetic appeal thanks to their ease of use and manipulation. Campofranco artisans passionately dedicate themselves to this material, producing unique products of exceptional quality.

The combination of shapes and colors, immersed in a traditional logic, allows the creation of extremely elegant artifacts where the decorations, exclusively handmade, conform to the oldest ceramic traditions. Today, Campofranco ceramics adorn both classic and modern environments.