Catania – Minne di S. Agata

Corso Italia, Catania, CT, Italia
Prodotto tipico di Catania Minne di S. Agata
This typical product of Catania is an exquisite sweet served above all during the feast of the Patron Saint Agatha, which takes place from 3 to 5 February.
The name of this sweet comes from the troubled story of Agatha, a noble, young and devoted girl whom the consul Quinziano condemned to a terrible martyrdom, the amputation of her breasts because she did not want to give in to his courtship, preferring the love of God.
Hence the origin of the cassatine, a delicious dessert prepared with shortcrust pastry, filled with candied ricotta and chocolate all covered with a very white icing of egg whites and sugar, finally a candied cherry is placed on top for decoration, to remember the breast of the Saint.