Comune di Porto Empedocle

Porto Empedocle, AG, Italia

Porto Empedocle is an important port center of the southwestern coast of Sicily; it was formerly Borgo Marinaro linked to the economic needs of nearby Agrigento, from which it was officially freed in 1863, changing the old name of “Molo di Girgenti” in the current one and constituting an autonomous municipality. The life of the town is relatively young; it was built in the 15th century as the “Loader” of the ancient Girgenti; the flourishing and feverish activity of commercial traffics ended up making it one of the most important business centers of southern Sicily. In 1554, for the persistence of the barbarian raids, the Spanish Crown had a “watch tower” erected to defend the village against the ships of the Turks. The present-day Port Empedocle was built around this tower called “Charles V” and the first harbor arm, the first cast of which dates back to 1749. The “Tower of Charles V” is today the main monument, symbol and historical memory of the city and center of cultural activities. The territory Empedoclino enjoys a coastline of over 4 km of wide and beautiful beach, with golden sand, close to a characteristic ridge of white marl that makes the site one of the most suggestive and renowned seaside resorts. It is also the birthplace of the illustrious writers Luigi Pirandello, Nobel Prize winner for literature, and Andrea Camilleri, author of the stories of Commissioner Montalbano. Traditional religious festivals include the Holy Week processions, the Feast of Our Lady of Carmine (3rd week of July) and the Feast of Saint Calogero, the Black Saint (1st Sunday of September).